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About Us

BBGuns4less is one of the uk’s most well known BBGun company’s that has been operating with its website from 2010.

 We are friendly family run company that has been growing at a good rate year on year from when we started. we think this is due to great prices and easy to deal with customer services.

 We have the biggest range of two tone bb guns and accessories and probably the biggest warehouse bb gun shop in the uk. most other bbgun companies in the uk are bedroom run sellers the fact that we are one of the biggest airsoft companies allow us to have a much bigger range and be able to ship much faster as we hold all of the stock we sell in our own warehouse in essex.

Company information.


Regesterd address (please do not send returns to this address)

49a Fitzherbert Road
Portsmouth, PO6 1RU
Company Registration Number:5267084
Registered In:England and wales
Vat number:916986473


2000 to 2004

the roots of bbguns4less begain in 2000 when we opened a gadget shop for xmas in ipswich called Novelty island (thats why our company name is novelty island ltd). we traded with the gadget shops every xmas in ipswich until about 2005 


we opened another shop in guildford and this is around the time we first started to sell bb guns in our shop. the company called EA Sports (Electronic Arts) was developing a game at the time called Black that was a first person shooter game. the EA offices was nearby and some game designers from the company saw our guns and started to buy them from us to make models of the guns for the video game (we was told recently by some EA Employees that the guns still remain on the walls of the offices to this day)


This xmas we had gadget shops that sold bb guns in kingston upon thames and guilford.


We opened a shop in lakeside shopping centre over xmas that sold bb guns that is very close to where we are based now. 


This is the time that really started. we had a container of bb guns and stock from the last shops we had run in xmas 2008-09 We decided that we was not going to open any more high street shops and we would open a ecommerce website to sell our products. out of everything we use to sell in the gadget shop the bb guns we sold was our real passion and what we was interested in doing as hobby so we opened the website.


bbguns4less really started to establish itself as one of the most important sellers of bb guns in the uk market in 2011 with the new v2 of the website and our fast growing range of products (by this point we already had the biggest range of two tone gun in the uk) and exclusive deals (we was the only bb gun company with top selling bison dragunov and both elephant steyr aug and G36). when we first started the website we had all of the stock & the office in just one Portacabin. by the end of the year we moved all of the stock out of the Portacabin so we could use it as a office and we got 3 x 40ft shipping containers that we used to store the stock and pack the orders in.


by this point we was bursting at the seams with bbguns stored where ever we could get them including at home we also had 2 or 3 other storage units doted around all over the place and it was getting unworkable so we decided to get a company to make the building where we are based now. by the end of 2012 we had ordered our first containers of  bb guns direct from the far east. 


in Feb we moved in to the new building and got a proper phone system in place to allow us to take lots more calls then we was able to before and improve our customer service. in the spring we got our first containers of bb guns that really allowed us to set bbguns4less apart form the other airsoft websites and give us a good range of unique airsoft products that you can not get from any other site in the uk. also in this year we started our you tube channel for bb gun video reviews


This year was a record breaking year for us posting the most orders ever and in Novembers black Friday sale our busiest ever single day. also earlier in the year we brought the website that was the original bb guns website in the uk we then merged its black viper products brand to our site giving us and even bigger range of stuff.  


well 2015 has only just started but we have just brought the military company that we plan to develop in to the biggest army kit store in the uk. we have already out grown our warehouse and are planning on building another one next to or existing one or moving to a bigger place this year to allow us to have a bigger shop and more storage. also we are really exited this year as we have loads more two tone bb guns coming and also loads of black airsoft guns to improve our range of them on this site and possibly a ukara only gun website. in the summer we opened the v3 of our website with a totaly new design and lay out.